Student Name  : Melissa               Subject  : Math Tutor Online

I was searching for math tutor online and I found this one. Great experience with this company where I got audio based sessions and done all my homework and learned some topics from Algebra and Calculus that I was having trouble before. Hats off to Liberty Of Learning and their tutors.

Student Name  : Lokesh               Subject  : English

I just want you to let you know how great Alex has been in tutoring me in English. He is patient and very knowledgeable in all concepts. I look forward to many more sessions with him. My mom talk to him on weekly basis and discuss my performance. I am in Australia and got good online tutoring company to help me in academics as well as in communication as a non native speaker.

Student Name  : Sai M.               Subject  : Math

Feedback from parent of Sai: My kid Sai is a 10th grade student and living in CA, USA. You know tutoring is more expensive now a days and many online tutoring company does not provide Audio and some time tutors are not available. I saw the easiness of taking session with you guys and as a parent it saved my lots of $s.

Student Name  : Kim Happy               Subject  : English

I was not good in pronunciation and grammar. I join your company 2 months back and now I see changes in myself. Even my friends noticed that too. Thank you Liberty Of Learning and their great academic support who helped me