How does works?

We provide 24/7 services where tutors are available round the clock (there may be some shortfall of tutors availability on weekends and holidays) to help students in homework help, online tutoring for any subjects, tutoring for specific topic with audio and video facility. You as a student need to login in your account and schedule a session which will help us to find a best available tutor during your session.

Once you schedule, within 2 hours you will get a confirmation mail in your student account with a session link to join. You can end session anytime whenever you feel you are finished with your class for today.

How many hours tutoring I can take in a day?

You are advised to take maximum of 3 hours of tutoring in one stretch but if something needed more, then please inform us so that we can arrange and prepare tutor in advance and not schedule tutor with other student.

Can I take Math, English and Science class?

Yes, once you register with any of monthly or 3 month subscription plan, you can take multiple subject sessions in a day. In fact you are enrolled not just for math you are enrolled for online tutoring for all subjects. You choose your own hours and schedule session. We will arrange session for you

Will my tutor give me the answer?

We never encourage tutor to give you direct answer of any question. We are tutoring company so tutor will provide you explanatory answer with proper step by step explanation for your asked questions and other questions related to same concept.

What if I dont like the tutor?

Hardly ever it happens that student dont like tutors tutoring methodology. Once you get registered you mention your city in address. We provide your state curriculum to tutor before confirmation of your session. But even you dont like the tutor; you can stop session immediately and ask to change the tutor. We will change anytime. 

Can I get same tutor or personalized tutor all the time?

Yes, we always work on personalization in providing session so that you as a student will get same tutor in all your sessions. You can discuss your learning plan with tutor and fix your time.

Is it cheap online tutoring company?

Yes, we are affordable online tutoring company with high quality service provider where you will get best tutors who have more than five hundred hours of tutoring experience.

Why your charges are lower than any good tutoring company?

We understand how you earn and as a parent how important to find a company who are cheaper and provide best services. We at Liberty Of Learning, you will get best quality at affordable price.

How can I take at least 30 hours of tutoring in a month?

We are providing tutoring at a slot of 5 Hours, 10 Hours and 20 Hours per month which is sufficient. I suggest you to subscribe with any plan that is mentioned on the Plan & Pricing page. If you need extra hours then you can get another subscription simultaneously to use maximum number of sessions.

Why I will be charged every month for unlimited tutoring plan automatically?

We have developed a system where you dont need to remember the date for renewal. We have built an automated system where you can take uninterrupted sessions anytime without any hassle. Just focus on study rest we will take care.

How can I cancel auto renewal?

It is as easy as pie, you just need to login in your account and go to Profile setting. You will find an option to choose from options to auto renewal and manual renewal. If you are not good on computers, you just call us or email us we will do from here.

Is there any contract?

No, there is no contract, you can stop or cancel your account anytime.

How can I share my homework with tutor?

You can share any document, assignment during session, you will find option to upload file on whiteboard in all the formats like word, pdf, jpeg, many more. It is easy you can do or ask tutor to guide you during your session.

Where your tutors are located?

Our tutors are located worldwide to provide 24/7 tutoring for student’s need, at whenever they need. Most of our tutors are located in India; and few from them are in USA, UK and Australia that we provide on specific need by the student. 

Who can be registered?

Parent or student can register for tutoring from K-3 to K-12, College level tutoring, Test preparations like SAT, ACT, AP and ESL students who need to improve their English communication. We have some IT-Basic courses for student who need help in beginner IT courses. 

Can I get online tutor for Math?

Yes, not just for Math tutor but also other subjects tutoring like Reading, writing, science, AP, Algebra, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and many more.

What is the refund policy?

If you decide to cancel within 48 hours or used maximum of 30 minutes of session (whichever is earlier) then you will be eligible to get full refund without deduction of $8 administration cost. If you want to cancel your subscription after 2 days to 15 days then you will be eligible to get refund after deduction of $8 administration cost + tutoring hour used during 15 days at the rate of basic plan cost (which is mentioned as per your grade plan). After 15 days of your tutoring if you cancel your account then you will not be issued refund. But your card will not be charged at next renewal date.

You can send a refund request by contact us page in written email or at