What we Do?
Liberty Of Learning is occupied with great technology and professional teachers from all major subjects to help students and homeschoolers with their global presence. Our tutors work from home and helping students to meet the level of excellent in academics with their expert tutoring capabilities.

We prefer teaching step by step with explanation instead of giving direct solutions to student so that they will enjoy learning instead of getting focused on answer. No matter how is your level of understanding as we consider that all students have same grasping skills, if things are explained properly.

Get personalized tutors who are excellent in their subject with one to one tutoring approach. We, by no means encourage group sessions as it gives unconstructive sign of - Focused tutoring, where a tutor cannot focus on each student.
How we Do?
Enroll yourself and start taking sessions without any software installation or any application. Easy to use navigation arrangement inside of the website with scheduling a session, payments and cheat sheets for reference in Math, Science and addition of Test Practice. You can fix your session by using your login detail with your preferred tutor for any subject at any convenient time. We are available 24/7 to serve our students to meet their expectation. We understand that student may struggle in any question or topic at anytime.
After getting any session request our role becomes active, and we arrange a tutor for you that suits your requirement with best teaching capabilities. You will get session confirmation with link to join the session where your teacher will be present at scheduled time.
Who we serve?
Homeschooler and students who study in Schools have equal level of aspiration to get enhancement in academics for better opportunities. We endow with low cost tutoring for homeschooler and students who need online tutoring for Math, English, Science, Accounting, ESL and help in many more subjects  to get enhancement in their skills and ability to solve any problem.

With Liberty Of Learning, you will get expert help with Audio conversation, Chat explanation and a whiteboard to draw explanation. Our specialty of providing all together with every session at no extra cost. We understand you and the value of your money. You will get tested and world recognized whiteboard which is easy to navigate on computer, laptop, I-pad and with your handy tools.
Why Liberty Of Learning?
Numerous online tutoring companies are available who guarantee for best tutoring services; we offer best tutoring at low cost that makes us different from others. Many parents have asked this question that, why we offer online tutoring at low cost? 
We are profit organization where we want to earn to run this organization smoothly. We have no intention of making huge profit. We know that teachers from global presence are available from ranging $6 to $10 per session for school level students. It makes us happy.
We are not a professional organization where you will be treated as unfamiliar with no feelings and unimportance of your requisite. Get all your answers clear in just a call or in one mail only. It makes our student happy and they say, the company that is placed down the road.

Know our tutors:
We deals with excellence in tutoring and delivery of our services that makes us passionate to hire only experience tutors who has good academic record with previous teaching experience. All our hired tutors has bachelor degree minimum with more than 500 hours of online teaching experience in past. We always check academic records, background along with past experience with the help of third party facilitator for whoever gets hired. Our tutors are located globally to meet the requirement of 24/7 availability of online tutor in all subjects.
After hiring process, our tutors undergo in rigorous training with multilayer test and practice before taking online classes.
Most of the time, you might have suffered a lot about internet fluctuation during session in your past experience. That causes frustration and wastage of time. We have minimized this issue to 0.02% only. It means issues only once or twice in 5 month of taking services with Liberty of Learning.
For any information or assistance contact us at cc@libertyoflearning.com